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Rice rain

A greener alternative to this ritual?

Marriage is an important ritual and has been present in our culture for many centuries. This ritual first appeared in Ancient Rome. The wedding ceremony of that time carried with it elements similar to today's weddings. The bride was also dressed in special attire, with white flowers and thorns in her hair instead of the usual hairpins and ornaments to fix her hairstyle.

All these objects had a reason, a reason: the flowers meant the wish of good luck and happiness. The thorns drove away evil spirits. The veil came later, a reference to the Roman goddess Vesta, protector of homes and also a symbol of the bride's honesty and virginity.

The symbolism surrounding marriage is quite interesting. The wedding bouquet dates back to the Middle Ages, when women carried aromatic herbs to ward off evil spirits. Over time, the meanings of each flower emerged. The use of a bridal veil was a practice in ancient Greece to protect against the evil eye. There was an exchange of rings, but between families. The color was different: red, symbol of new blood in a new family. White came next. In our culture of Christian origin, white represents purity, virginity. In other cultures, such as Chinese culture, it is the color red. There are differences depending on where these wedding celebrations are held.

This ritual with a great symbolization unites two people thanks to Civil Law or thanks to the Church. Marriages are made up of traditions, i.e. social behaviors that last for a long time. Traditions arise from stories, rumors or legends that can distance behavior from the reason for its origin.

One of these traditions is the rain of rice, which is done to newlyweds when they leave the church. This ritual comes from ancient China and symbolizes the desire for abundance, prosperity and fertility for the couple. It is very beautiful to look at, but in our opinion, it has become a waste of food. That's why we bring you a very funny alternative to this tradition: why not use seeds (bird food)?

The seeds could be mixed with some rice berries, but mostly bird food. The church yard would be clean and there wouldn't be so much food waste: a more ecological option.

Bird seed

We still give you other ideas if you don't want to opt for this alternative. There are some couples who have chosen to use confetti, petals, olive leaves or even soap bubbles.

Rose petals

We suggest another idea that would give a beautiful effect to an evening or sunset wedding. There were some couples who, instead of having a rain - of rice, seeds or other - decided to create a tunnel with sparkles (rockets). This makes a very nice effect, but remember that they have to be at least 50 or 70cm.

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