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The groom's suit: how to choose the ideal suit and traditions

How to choose the perfect suit and traditions

In the process of organising a wedding, a lot of attention goes to the bride and her dress. However, it's just as important for the groom to feel confident and elegant on his wedding day. In this article, we'll provide valuable suggestions to help the groom choose the ideal suit and explore some traditions relating to the groom's attire in Portugal.

Consider the style and theme of the wedding:
When choosing a wedding suit, take into consideration the overall style and theme of the event. If the wedding is formal and traditional, a classic fitted suit may be the ideal choice. For a more relaxed outdoor or themed wedding, you could opt for a more casual suit, such as a linen suit or even a suit in a different colour.

Pay attention to the colour:
The colour of the suit is an important element to consider. The traditional colour for wedding suits is black or dark blue. However, these days, many grooms are exploring other colour options, such as grey, brown or even bolder shades. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and harmonises with the wedding colour palette.

Perfect fit:
Make sure the suit is properly adjusted to your measurements. A well-fitted suit makes all the difference to the groom's look. Consider having a bespoke suit made by a professional tailor to make the necessary alterations and ensure that the suit fits your body perfectly. A proper cut emphasises your silhouette and makes for a sophisticated look.

Details and accessories:
Pay attention to the details and accessories of the suit. Choose a tie, bow tie or bow tie that is in harmony with the bride's dress and the wedding colour palette. Also consider wearing cufflinks, a watch, belt and shoes that complement the suit and bring a touch of elegance to the look.

Explore traditions:
Portugal has its own traditions relating to the groom's attire. One common tradition is the use of the "fato do noivo" or "fato domingueiro". This is a special quality suit, often made to measure, which is only worn on important occasions, such as the wedding. This tradition reflects the importance and solemnity of the moment.

Add a personal touch:
Don't be afraid to add a personal touch to your wedding suit. It could be a family brooch, a tie with a meaningful print or even a pocket handkerchief that reflects your personality. These little details add a unique and personal touch to your look, making it even more special.

The choice of wedding suit is an
for the groom. Consider the style and theme of the wedding, the colour of the suit, the perfect fit, the details and accessories, and explore the traditions related to the groom's suit in Portugal. Add a personal touch to your look to make it even more special. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day, reflecting your personality and unique style.

The team at Dibare Wedding Dresses is here to advise you and help you decide on your ideals.

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